G-01:Clear Vision, Flooding Effect Super Good

G-01 window coating agent, water flooding effect super good, no wipers, vision clearer Clear vision、 flooding effect super good Dynamic drifting water droplets Overwhelming splashes of dynamic water repellency In addition to accelerating fluorine fixation and increasing durability, the promoter...
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Product Details

Product features

This product is fluoride-containing coating film product, used to smear on glass surface to form water repellency film to enhance glass self-cleanness, which can improve visibility in rainy weather and enhance safety driving. 

Precautions before the practice 

1. Avoid practice under burning sun; 

2. Avoid practice in temperature environment under 10℃; 

3. Please read practice manual in details and follow practice procedures therein.

G-01 window coating practice method 

1. Completely clear fouling and oil-film attached on window, and use a air gun to blow off moisture until it is completely dry; 

2. Drip G-01 window coating agent on sponge wrapping the coating cloth for 7-10 drops, smear it on window uniformly with an alternating method of first lateral and then vertical; 

3. Postpone for 5 min, then use a dry towel to wipe the window with polishing brightness to complete. 


1. Avoid engaging water or rinsing the vehicle with 24 hours after practice. 

2. This product is a mild irritant to skin, please wear protective gloves if allergic with its practice. 




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