G-01 No Wipers Window Coating

G-01 no wipers window coating Product features: This product is fluoride-containing coating film product, used to smear on glass surface to form water repellency film to enhance glass self-cleanness, which can improve visibility in rainy weather and enhance safety driving. Instructions:...
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Product Details

G-01 no wipers window coating,because we are a supplier of plating raw materials,So the price is very cheap,Product capacity is 1 liter,100 or so vehicles can be constructed.

Product description

G-01 window coating agent, water flooding effect super good, no wipers, vision clearer 

Dynamic drifting water droplets.

In addition to accelerating fluorine fixation and increasing durability, the promoter also forms a special film thickness of glass coating that smoothes the subtle inhomogeneity of the glass surface, achieves unprecedented dynamic water repellency and reduces it to a corner that achieves excellent rejection Water cooling is excellent.

Waterproof :Efficient and lasting water prevention performance can always ensure keep a clear vision. 

Rainning Safety :The rain will drop off rapidly, which will not affect the line of sight for driving.Security for your 

Suit for parts:such as Car Windshield Glass , Car Rearview Mirror ,Door glass.

Construction video

Construction of window coating brightness contrast before and after


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