Free sample:Nano-cleaning Factor Remove the Dirt on the Window Surface

window coating agent, without wipers, clear vision, safe driving Nano-cleaning factor remove the dirt on the window surface Main Ingredients: Fluorine and other Nano-tech materials etc. Feature: Good visibility is the key when drive in bad weather. Keep the glass clean is important. Therefore,...
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I am KISHO Crystal Glass Coating of Japanese manufacturers, if plating crystal glass coating need or are looking for a good effect glass coating products can contact me. We can provide free samples.

Our free sample is:

1、Si-701 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml)Can be construction 1-2 cars

2、Si-901 glass coating of paint----one bottle(30ml)Can be construction 1-2 cars

3、Si-811 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml)Can be construction 1-2 cars

4、Si-02 wheel coatingt----one bottle (20ml)Can be construction 1-2 cars

5、X-03 premuam top coating----one bottle(50ml)Can be construction 2 cars

6、Sponge  3


A total of three bottles of glass coating products, one bottle of wheels coating products, one bottle coating conservation and three sponges.

If you are interested in our products, please fill out the form below and we will provide you with the best product selection for your application. In addition, samples are free, you only pay a small part of the shipping costs. In addition, we will reject personal sales. Please confirm in advance.

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