Benz Wheel Coating

Benz Wheel Coating

At present,There is a KISHO Si-02 wheel coating, It is very popular in the market, and it is a product that specially designed for rim.
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KISHO car wheel coating is a maintenance product that specially used for rim, Automobile wheel coating process technology is developed according to the needs of domestic and foreign car owners and the characteristics of climate and traffic environment.

When the vehicle is driving at high speed, The friction between the brake disc and the brake pad will produce a lot of fine iron dust, These dusts have a high temperature and can penetrate into the surface of the hub. After a long time, the surface of the hub will turn yellow and black and lose its luster. KISHO wheel coating prevents these small high-temperature iron dust from sticking to the surface of the wheel print, Make the brake dust attached to the surface of the hub easier to clean, and maintain a bright luster for a long time.

KISHO Wheel coating Video

Benz wheel coating Case

——Feedback from KISHO Romania customers

The Wheel coating of Benz is equivalent to putting a protective shield on the wheels of cars.



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