Wheel maintenance

Lasting protection,Water repellency,Not easy to stain, easy to clean
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Nano coating maintenance for wheels2

Nano coating maintenance for wheels3

Why do we need to maintain the wheel hub?

The dirt of the wheel hub mainly comes from the brake powder caused by braking. These fine iron powders will adhere to the metal surface of the wheel hub and accumulate for a long time to form rust spots, which are difficult to remove and make the surface of the wheel lose its luster.Just like a pair of leather shoes that have not been maintained for a long time.

Advantages of KISHO wheel hub coating

A hard glass crystal protective layer is formed on the surface of the wheel hub, which can effectively prevent minor scratches and maintain the metallic texture, as bright as new!

Nano coating maintenance for wheels4

The hydrophobic effect of the wheel hub nano coating

The wheel hub that is applied nano coating shows round water droplets, in which has the hydrophobic effect of lotus leaf, and can drive water, prevent rust, and is easy to clean!

Nano coating maintenance for wheels5

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