Novice Ceramic Coating Skills

Novice Ceramic Coating Skills

Never had any contact with Graphene Coating products,Don't know how to construct,look here!
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There are more and more people driving to travel.Although traveling by car will make it convenient for us,Make us happy,but what about the car?We need to do some maintenance for our car,Don't ignore the car wheels!


Si-02 Wheels Glass Coating:

greatly enhance anti-fouling property and self-cleanliness, and reduce fouling attachment. 

Novice wheel  coating skills

1. Completely clear fouling attached on the wheel hub, and use a air gun to blow off moisture until it is completely dry; 

2. Drip Si-02 wheel glass coating agent on coating cloth, and smear the wheel uniformly, notice not to smear repeatedly (repeated smearing leads to visible traces); 

3. Keep still standing above 5 hours after smearing, or use a hot lamp or hot blast to expedite hardening rate of the glass coating film.

The Ceramic coating of automobile wheels is very simple to construct, but the simpler it is, the easier it is for everyone to overlook, such as this dear man.


Colored wheels and electroplated wheels,Wipe must be done when Ceramic coating  the wheel hub.

Ceramic coating is not automatically leveled after application. Most of the silver wheels cannot be seen clearly, so wiping can be avoided.If this happens,Difficult to deal with,Only grind.

Ceramic Coating Case

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