Authentic KISHO Products

Authentic KISHO Products

Authentic KISHO Products,100% made in Japan
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Product Details

After 50 years of research, the KISHO PREMIUM COATING SET is the ultimate in ceramic nano coating technology for high spec vehicles with any colour finish. The triple application process gives unbeaten paint and bodywork protection, and leaves the body looking so deep and glassy it has to be seen to be believed.

The process begins with Si-701 for the base layer, sealing in the paintwork perfectly, preventing any damage from UV rays or pollutants. 

Product FAQ

F:What is the minimum order quantity for 30ml Si-701?

A:The minimum order quantity is 34 bottles,It can meet the daily needs of the store

F:How many Si-701 do you need to build a car?

A:30ml can build a car

F:How much temperature can Si-701 be constructed?

A:Temperatures below 5 °C are not recommended for construction. If construction is required, it is recommended to work at an indoor temperature of approximately 10-20 °C.

F:What should I pay attention to after Si-701 construction?

A:After the Si-701 is completed, avoid water for 24 hours and do not wash the car within 7 days.

F:How to apply Si-701?

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