Automotive Double-layer Ceramic Coating

Toyota black paint surface applys si-701 glass coating and si-901 glass coating
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It can be said that there is currently no car owner who does not know about automotive ceramic coatings and automotive coatings. Automobile ceramic coating is useless? How to apply automotive ceramic coatings? As a professional manufacturer of automotive ceramic coatings, I would like to share with car owners, what should the standard construction of automotive ceramic coatings look like?


The construction case shared this time: It is Toyota black paint automotive ceramic coating from a Chinese car detail store.


The construction time is nearly 24 hours, here is a reminder, if you want to do automotive ceramic coatings, choose a professional car beauty shop, and also have a professional ceramic coating construction technician.


Because it is a double-layered ceramic coating, Si-701 glass coating is applied first, and it is left in the store overnight, and then si-901 glass coating is applied the next day.

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