Painted Lotus Leaf Hydrophobic

Painted Lotus Leaf Hydrophobic

The nano-scale structure of nano coating makes the car paint surface encounter water to produce lotus leaf hydrophobic effect
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Featured with superior performances of improving finish glossiness


The hydrophobicity of lotus leaf comes from its nanostructure, that is, on the surface of each micron-sized papilla, there are many nano-sized particles with similar structure. It is with these tiny double structures that the contact area between the surface of the lotus leaf and water droplets or dust is very limited, so water droplets roll on the leaf surface and can be maintained for a long time.


After nano coating Si-701 is applied,Water-repellent effect of lotus leaf,Because it is a polymer with repeated Si-O bonds as the main chain and organic groups directly connected to the silicon atoms, the main chain structure is Si-O-Si, which is essentially the same as quartz, except that the side groups are connected to organic Groups belong to polyorganosiloxanes with chain-mounted structures of different polymerization degrees.

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