Silver Car Glass Coating

Silver Car Glass Coating

Silver is the color that best reflects the essence of the car,Seeing silver reminds people of metal materials, the overall feeling is very strong.In addition, it has strong reflection on sunlight, and it does not absorb heat.
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What should I do if the silver car paint is aging easily?

Silver and white car paints have similar,and they are more prone to aging. KISHO Glass Coating protects car paint from corrosion,The nano-level crystal layer isolates the paint surface from the outside world,It can effectively prevent oxidation and resist corrosion from bird droppings, flying insect slurry, acid rain, etc.

Si-701 Glass Coating

The main component of Si-701 is Silica, it belongs to nano-level silicon element,it can fill small pores in paint,making car paint closely fit with Si-701 Glass Coating to achieve amazing durability.

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Silver Car Glass Coating Case

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