What Maintenance Paint Is Used?

Which one of waxing, sealing, coating, ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film is more suitable for paint maintenance and has high cost-effectiveness?
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Most of the main components of car wax are extracted from petroleum. After being applied to the paint surface, a wax film is formed on the surface of the car paint, which makes the car wax feel shiny, not transparent enough, and masks the original color of the car paint; in addition, the wax itself It will be oxidized soon, and the oxidized residue will accelerate the aging of the paint. And the retention time is relatively short, generally about 7-30 days.

Most of the sealing glaze is also extracted from petroleum, and there are also fluorine-containing resin components. The glaze (high molecular polymer) is pressed into the interior of the car paint through a special vibration polishing machine. The lacquer is like human skin, with capillary-like pores. After the glaze is sealed, the polymer can penetrate into these pores. The glaze can last for about 2-3 months. But the way to use it is very complicated.

The coating is a polymer of fluorocarbon resin or vitreous, both of which form a protective layer on the surface of the car paint. The product is very simple to use. The paint surface can be used without polishing. Of course, the effect will be better after polishing. , Can protect the paint surface for about 1-6 months.

Paint Protection Film is a new type of transparent, high-performance film, which is widely used in the automotive beauty industry. Paint Protection Film is a professional term, which is actually what people often call automotive paint film. However, it is cumbersome to use and expensive, and the color of the car jacket will fade for a long time, and the effect of the original car paint will not be displayed.

Ceramic coating, different from the concept of car wax, sealing glaze and coating, is to form a real crystalline protective film on the paint surface. This film has super adhesion, is not easy to fall off, and has super UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, Hydrophobic, oleophobic and other functions, so as to effectively protect the car paint for a long time, prevent the harsh environment from harming the car paint, and raise the concept of car beauty maintenance to the level of "protection". It is currently the best choice for car paint beauty.

What maintenance paint is used5

What maintenance paint is used6

What maintenance paint is used7

KISHO ceramic coating mainly uses polysiloxane as the main component. Each ceramic coating is made of several polysiloxanes of different grades through scientific and reasonable proportioning, so the effect is different.


The 701 product has strong adhesion and good brightness; the 811 product has a good water repellent effect; the 901 product is a top product, with the best film texture, brightness, water repellent effect, and anti-fouling properties.


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