When Is The Best Time To Apply Nano Coating?

When Is The Best Time To Apply Nano Coating?

The earlier a new car is applied with nano coating,the effect is the better. The best time is to perform the nano coating maintenance within 3 months of the purchase of the new car.
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Recently, many car sales service items have added the free nano coating construction service for new cars, and authorized designated car detail shops to carry out the entire nano coating construction work.

Many car owners worry, why do new cars need to be painted maintenance?

Car topcoats are mainly divided into high temperature paints produced and used by the original factory and low temperature repair paints used in the aftermarket. Although both polyester and polyacrylate film-forming substances are used in the base material composition of these two coatings, due to the difference in construction technology and coating additives, compared to the high-temperature paint of the original car factory, the after-sales Low-temperature refinish paints are often inferior in terms of paint aging resistance, which is why the painted surface repaired area will turn yellow, lose gloss and fade faster than other areas.

When is the best time to apply nano coating?From the moment a new car is purchased!

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