Ceramic Nano Coating Hints And Tips

Ceramic Nano Coating Hints And Tips

Ceramic coating products, its main component is silicon dioxide. After the inorganic crystalline coating material is hardened on the surface of the car paint, a 3~5 micron transparent crystal layer is formed on the surface of the car paint to ensure that the car paint will not be affected again...
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Ceramic coating products, its main component is silicon dioxide. After the inorganic crystalline coating material is hardened on the surface of the car paint, a 3~5 micron transparent crystal layer is formed on the surface of the car paint to ensure that the car paint will not be affected again within one year. Oxidation. The hardness of the paint itself is 2~3H, but after ceramic coating, it can reach 5.5-6H. A hard protective layer is formed on the paint surface, which can effectively prevent scratches from hard objects and contamination by some impurities. The oxide layer on the car paint surface must be removed before use, so that the ceramic coating can be protected for a longer time. When using, the sponge block is evenly coated on the paint surface according to a fixed method, and the time needs to be controlled when wiping. The crystallization product is different, and its crystallization time is also different.

Ceramic coating has high hardness, high brightness, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, high water extraction and anti-static effect.

Pay attention to the use of ceramic coating:

1. When working by one person, remember not to paint the whole car at once. After the part is dried, it cannot be disposed of. It must be divided and constructed in order.

2. When applying ceramic coating products, try to apply as much as possible in an area of 50×50 cm.

3. Try not to wash the car within 48 hours after use, and do not touch it with your hands to prevent the ceramic coating from being damaged.

4. Try not to use strong acid or alkali car wash to wash the car during maintenance. If you want to maintain a good effect, you should regularly use a special maintenance agent to maintain the crystal layer.

Ceramic coating use tools: polishing machine, polishing disc. Products needed: grinding mud block, asphalt cleaning agent, deep-cut abrasive, middle-cut polishing agent, fine-cut reducing agent.

Standard construction process of ceramic coating construction:

1. When picking up the car, pay attention to remind customers to carry valuables with them. After receiving the customer politely, go around the car and check to confirm whether there are scratches on the paint. If there is any abnormality, confirm the registration with the customer in time, and then arrange the construction of personnel.

2. To clean the vehicle, first use a high-pressure water gun to clean the body sand. Clean from top to bottom, paying attention to the wheel arc, hub, lower skirt and chassis.

3. Spray the waxed car wash liquid evenly on the whole car. Use a car scrubbing sponge to separate the upper part and the lower part and car tires to scrub.

4. After the whole car is wiped, use a high-pressure water gun to clean the car body. At this time, when flushing, pay attention to the side seams to be flushed in place.

5. Decontaminate and clean the whole vehicle by grinding mud. First, mix the cleaning agent, and use the sludge with the cleaning agent to grind the body. If the body has only a small amount of asphalt, you can grind the mud first and then treat the asphalt. If there is too much asphalt on the body, it is necessary to remove the asphalt with an asphalt cleaner, and then rinse the body, and then use the mud block to decontaminate the whole vehicle. At the same time, you can use a small toothbrush to clean the side seam, fuel tank cap, and car logo.

6. After the whole car is ground, rinse the car body with a high-pressure water gun, and then move to the dry car area.

7. Use a large towel to surround the body with water, and then use a small towel with an air gun to dry the water in the crevices of the body.

8. Use masking paper to cover the front and rear headlights, 4-door side strips, and plastic parts with masking paper, and cover and protect the front and rear windshields with a masking film.

9. After covering, wear a mask, wear an apron, and prepare tools and products for construction. Polishing discs and polishing products are selected according to the quality of the paint. Normally, vehicles with more than two years must first remove the scratches and then perform the reduction treatment. That is to say, the first step is to use a polishing machine with a wool disk, and then use a medium-sized polish to repair the scratches on the car body, and then replace the sponge disk, and use fine wax to restore the paint.

10. After polishing and restoring construction, tear off all the masking film. Drive to the car wash area and wash the car again. Be careful not to damage the paint when washing the car.

11. After cleaning, there is no need to dry the car. Use a degreasing agent to degrease the paint surface of the car, that is, spray on a towel to degrease and clean the whole car, and then rinse it with a high-pressure water gun.

12. After the vehicle is cleaned, drive to the dust-free workshop, and then follow the steps of drying the vehicle to dry the moisture of the vehicle. At the same time, another person can wipe and vacuum the interior.

13. Prepare the ceramic coating product, divide it into pieces according to the area of 50×50 cm, and use small sponge pieces. Pay attention to the rubber edge when using, and don't use too much.

14. After using the single piece, wait 2 to 5 minutes and then wipe it off. Choose 4 clean dry towels when wiping the crystal solution, pay attention to the order of using the towels when wiping, and do not pay too much attention to the dark car.

15. After the whole car is wiped, perform side light quality inspection. It is best to drive to a place with good light outside the store, and carefully check whether there are any omissions. Some products need to wait 2 hours before constructing a second time, and operate in the same way That's it.

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