Coating Car Paint

Coating Car Paint

KISHO Si-811 Ceramic Coating CAR Paint Protection Scratch Resistant Super Hydrophobic HIGH Gloss Shine
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KISHO Corporation Ltd introduces Si-811 Ceramic Coating. This remarkable Nano Clear Coating works on all Paint Surfaces, Glass, Metal, including, Headlamps, Bright Work, and Polished surfaces. This ceramic coating is designed to work on all exterior hard surfaces with the ultimate shine and protection. The wet look shine is so impressive it’s like a reflective mirror! Si-811 Ceramic Coating is designed for use on all Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, RV and Aviation finishes.Si-811 Ceramic Coating produces a slick, mirror like shine and fills in light swirl marks. It also produces exceptional water beading, and contains high UV protection to help prevent fading from harsh sun exposure. Si-811 Ceramic Coating offers unique nano ceramic polymer chemistry to provide superior gloss and bonding to paint, glass, metal, headlamps and rims.Si-811 Ceramic Coating is so durable it beads 5 X longer than ordinary wax or sealers. Si-811 Ceramic Coating is the perfect choice for a long lasting and Durable Shine. Si-811 Ceramic Coating takes paint protection, durability and shine to a Whole New Level and sets a new standard in car surface protection. Si-811 Ceramic Coating was designed to deliver a durable deep, wet look shine that truly lasts, up to 3 YEARS with one application. The slick wet look shine comes from a proprietary Military Grade SI02 ceramic polymer based formula combined with UV and Corrosion protection with special bonding agents to truly enhance any finish or surface. The anti-static and water beading technology will self-clean and reduce dirt and grime that attacks the surfaces.  Si-811 Ceramic Coating produces a super slick durable gloss silky finish! MADE IN THE Japan Try it today!

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