811 Nano-glass Coating Agent

Si-811 glass coating agent, is featured with advantageous performances of enhancing finish glossiness, water repellency and anti-fouling, forming a genuine protective film to car paint. Combined practice with X-03 protectant after practice, can protect the coating film in its hardening stage, and also can effectively prevent raindrop imprint, enabling perfect glass coating effectiveness.....
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Product Details

811 nano-glass coating agent

Product features


Product Form: liquid state

Dosage30ml per car

Persistence: 36 months

Contact Angle 110degrees

PH Tolerance1-13ph

Period of use4-10 Celsius Refrigerator temperature refrigerated for 3 years

Product advantages

  1.Super premium 

KISHO glass coating provides up to three years of protection required to reduce the frequency and cost of car washing, curing and better protection of the original car paint

 2.Corrosion and oxidation resistance 

 KISHO glass coating protective layer can be isolated from the outside world, can effectively prevent oxidation, bird feces, flying insects slurry, acid rain, UV corrosion damage, reduce paint aging, fading

3. More bright 

KISHO glass coating crystalline layer after the crystal structure, can increase the refraction of light, so that the car has a higher brightness, brilliant gorgeous finish

 4.High temperature 

 (KISHO glass coating layer high temperature, cold, adapt to a wide range of temperature changes, not easy to crack, shed to reduce the paint fade due to high temperature exposure) 

 5.Scratch resistance 

 KISHO glass coating layer with high toughness itself also has a hardness of up to 7H, far beyond the hardness of ordinary car paint to protect vehicles from all kinds of minor scratches daily intrusion, the dust impact can also play a very good protection 

 6.Water-based easy to clean 

 KISHO glass coating crystal surface tension and repel water droplets, with super water slide, all kinds of dust and stains rinse only with water, you can restore and maintain crystal clear translucent

Application Parts

car paint

Precautions before the practice 

1. This product is fast try, please avoid practice under burning sun, otherwise wiping would be impeded;

2. Avoid practice in temperature environment under 10℃;

3. Please carry out practice under complete cool-off state of the vehicle body, since vehicle body heat may expedite product hardening rate leading to wiping obstruction;

4. Please completely clear fouling attached on vehicle body and carry out degreasing before practice;

5. Please read practice manual in details and follow practice procedures therein. 



Storage method

 please store in a cool and dry place,aviod direct sunlight high temperature.Open as soon as possible  after use.

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