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​NO.1 automotive in Japan
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KISHO was founded in Japan in 1965 in Fukuoka, then transferred its headquarters to Hyogo, Japan. KISHO is one of the leading suppliers of car care products and has 30 years of experience in vehicle maintenance. By 2015 Kisho products were sold to more than 60 countries around the world. KISHO ceramic nano coatings are approved by Japan Paint Inspection for their high gloss and durability properties.

NO.1 automotive in Japan

KISHO Si-701

This coating is the standard base layer for KISHO ceramic coating systems. UV protective and non-oxidising, this layer creates the first microscopic nano particle seal on existing paintwork. Si-701 has an extremely glossy finish and high strength for enhanced protection. Other KISHO coats are added on top of this ensuring a premium glass finish and superior durability all the way through.

KISHO Si-901

Recommended for colour finishes. The very best of our Stage 02 coating range. Si-901 is provides a durable but flexible ceramic coat to the treated vehicle, ensuring the highest possible damage-resistance without any risk of cracking. This crystalline 3D glass coating is extremely glossy and water repellent, making cleaning easy. Applied correctly, Si-901 will protect paintwork for up to 5 years per application.

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