Car Model Ceramic Coating

Car Model Ceramic Coating

Any ceramic coating product from KISHO can satisfy the maintenance of car models. It has a small amount and is easy to use, so you might as well give it a try.
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Like stamp collecting, coin collection and antique collection, car models also bring endless fun to collectors and are favored by car lovers. Automobile manufacturers then rushed to follow suit, launching new models while launching new cars. Since the appearance of Buick mini car models in 1925, various brands of car models have appeared in the UK, France and other European countries. The lines of the car model are similar to the original car, and it has movable functions, fun and gameplay. The car model will be made the same as the real car in the body paint, engine, gearbox, wheels, car lights, rearview mirror, etc.

How to maintain such a car model daily?

1. The paint surface of the car needs to be maintained frequently, such as using coating and ceramic coating product, so the car model  maintain way is similar with the car. When the car model was placed for two to three months, the car model should be maintained, and the car model can be applied ceramic coating,It will last longer, and it will also have a longer-lasting brightness. Any ceramic coating product of KISHO can satisfy the maintenance of the car model. The dosage is small and it is easy to use, so you might as well try it.

2. Pay attention to dust prevention when placing the car model. Put the car model on a desk or a general table with a plexiglass cover to prevent dust from entering. If you want to create a better atmosphere in the display cabinet, you can put some lights in the display cabinet. But be sure to put a small glass of water in the display cabinet, because the high temperature of the spotlight light will cause the paint surface of the car model to dry and crack. If you put a glass of water, you can maintain the humidity in the cabinet.

3. The car model is afraid of dampness and exposure. After rain and snow, open the box to ventilate and dry it, but remember not to expose it to the sun or dry it with a hair dryer. This makes it easy to separate the paint from the metal body and shorten the storage time of the car model.

Car model ceramic coating6

Suitable for all kinds of paint

KISHO ceramic coating forms an invisible protective layer of glass crystals on the paint surface.

Car model ceramic coating7

Car model using Si-901Ceramic coating case

——Feedback from Bulgarian customers

Car model ceramic coating2

Car model ceramic coating3

Car model ceramic coating4

KISHO ceramic coating is suitable for varnished surfaces of various colors and materials, simple to use, and consistent quality.

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