Car Polishing Nano Coating

1.Ultra-Durability 2.Non-Oxidising Formula 3.Deep Gloss Finish
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KISHO nano coating creates thousands of microscopic ceramic layers to protect the vehicle exterior. If scratched, only a few of these layers are removed, leaving the car undamaged. Rub the area with a finger or cloth and the nano-coating rights itself to a perfectly smooth finish again!

2.Non-Oxidising Formula

KISHO ceramic coating kits completely seal in vehicle paintwork and prevent oxidisation. The molecules of the coating fill every microscopic gap in the paint and protect it. Damage from oxygen in the atmosphere is effectively reduced to zero during the coating’s lifetime.

3.Deep Gloss Finish

The nano glass coating adds beautiful depth to existing car paintwork, enhancing the colour and lines of the vehicle. The glassy finish keeps KISHO-treated cars looking showroom ready for up to 5 Years per treatment.

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Since the beginning of 2000, we have measured the construction and progress of the glass coating with thousands of automobiles (body color) of various manufacturers over a huge amount of time. Based on these measurement results, the product completed through joint research with the largest chemical manufacturer in Japan is KISHO glass coating. KISHO glass coating began selling to overseas from 2012, and now deals with companies in 40 countries around the world. KISHO will contribute to people and society all around the world by providing value that is not in the field, against the world.

To respond to the needs of local people, we actively participate in overseas exhibitions

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