Germany Ceramic Coating

Germany Ceramic Coating

KISHO Si-901 glass coating crystal color is yellow, Whether the construction is on dark or light-colored car paint,it will enhance the brightness of the car paint on the original basis, to achieve long-term protection of car paint,performance is generally maintained for the above 3 years.
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How to choose ceramic coating products in Germany?

How do German car detailing store choose high-end quality, And a long-lasting ceramic coating product.It is recommended to use Japan's KISHO Si-901 ceramic coating products to delay the aging of the paint surface, After construction, the effect of brightening is very obvious, Make the car more beautiful and unique.

Si-901 Ceramic Coating 

A 30ml bottle of ceramic coating enough to construction on an SUV car.Because the crystallization speed is fast, it is necessary to control the time during the construction process, A thin layer of the original liquid is applied to the car paint. It seems to have no crystals. Actually,The thickness of the nanometer really needs professional tools to measure it. But after the ceramic coating liquid penetrates into the paint surface, it can not only improve the hardness of the paint surface, but also give the paint surface toughness, making the protection of the paint surface more perfect!

Land Rover Ceramic Coating Brightness Video

Germany Ceramic Coating Case

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