How To Maintain Plain Paint?

How To Maintain Plain Paint?

The outermost coating of automobile coating is our main maintenance object.
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Visual contrast effect visible to the naked eye before and after construction


All black paint surface glass coating——From German construction case

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Glass coating is mainly used in automotive paint, so do you know that there is a distinction between paint? Today our topic is non-metallic paint.

Non-metallic paint is also called ordinary natural paint (also called plain paint), which is the inherent color of the paint base after blending. Generally, the color is relatively pure, such as white, black, red, and yellow. Ordinary paint is easy to fade and age after wind and sun, but ordinary paint is cheaper, if the car body is scratched, it is more convenient to repair.

Next, let's talk about how to maintain plain paint?

Except for man-made damage to the paint surface, the natural light, temperature changes, moisture and chemical corrosion are the main factors that cause the aging of the car top paint. After the new car is purchased, it is necessary to start maintenance, such as waxing, coating, glaze sealing, ceramic coating and other operations, the sooner the maintenance is done, the better.

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