901 Top Grade Ceramic Coating Agent,Super Smooth

Super smooth, top ceramic glass coating agent Product description: 1. Drive water effect After the ceramic glass coating lotus lotus-like bead was like water droplets, no trace of water, the car paint surface with hydrophobic and self-cleaning. Mirror effect 2.Ceramic glass coating is a light...
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Pre-practice treatment 

Finish treatment before vehicle glass coating is dependent on finish conditions, and it is critical to the practice, for inferior treatment may influence the adhesiveness and basic performance of glass coating film, thus please determine whether it needs iron powder removal, grinding and polishing, and air gun blow-off procedures on basis of the finish conditions, but do note that degreasing is necessary.

Si-901 glass coating agent practice method 

1. Before smearing glass coating, spray a thin layer of moisture on the glass coating area evenly (upon smearing moisture does not drop being benchmark); 

2. Drip Si-901 glass coating agent to glass coating sponge for 4-6 drops, first swear it laterally, then swear it vertically with "#" pattern, recommended at 50cm*50cm for each practice area; 

3. Wait 1-6 minutes to wipe after smearing, first use a wet towel to wipe with even strength (no need to wipe repeatedly, just spread the glass coating agent), then immediately use a dry towel to wipe the glass coating layer, until the surface is bright and smooth. Wiping duration recommendation: 30℃=within 2 min, 20℃=within 4 min, 10℃=within 6 min, glass coating hardening rate is directly correlated with temperature and humidity, thus it is recommended to measure local temperature and humidity before determining the wiping duration; 

4. Check wiping omission for each part under completion, until the whole vehicle is covered. 

5. Single practice of glass coating effectiveness is well enough, nevertheless the second practice will increase thickness and durability of coating film, in this case please exercise the second practice after previous one no sooner than 1-2 hours, or combined with practice of Si-701 premium glass coating overlay. 

6. Upon completion of practice, perform subsequent practice according to X-03 protectant practice procedures. 




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