Volkswagen Black Paint Glass Coating

How do Volkswagen owners choose car paint beauty care products, especially for black paint, Choosing Si-901 glass coating agent with high construction difficulty factor but excellent effect will never let you down.
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Volkswagen Black Paint Glass Coating

This Si-901 glass coating agent suitable for Volkswagen's black lacquer surface , it can functionally make Volkswagen's black lacquer surface improve the original brightness, and has a transparent texture. It can also protect the car paint from acid rain and slight fine sand.

Attention should be paid to the construction as follow

Si-901 glass coating crystallizes quickly. Try to spray water mist first, then drop the crystallizing agent onto the sponge, and start to apply. 

first use a wet towel to wipe with even strength (no need to wipe repeatedly, just spread the glass coating agent), then immediately use a dry towel to wipe the glass coating layer, until the surface is bright and smooth.

Grasp these points, it is generally not easy to make mistakes, so that the effect of the whole vehicle looks great.

Construction VIDEO


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