X-01:Paint Bright Smooth Easy to Clean Maintenance Agent

Simple construction, spray, rub, instant completion of construction, paint bright, smooth, easy to clean Product description: Name: X-01 coating agent Dosage: 25 ml per pail Specifications:1L、16L Price: one liter to do 40 cars or so Water ski coating construction methods 1, the paint clean, dry...
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Product Details

Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-01 skiing coating 


25ml/one car

Product feathers

This product is a silicon based coating for all car paint coating products, with brightening, to scratch, anti fouling, ultra smooth, the effect of water dial. Products, simple operation, the effect lasts for about 6 months


1.Cleaning the car 

2.wipe the car body, microfiber towel wet wring, The beauty of the car X-01 products sprayed on the towel 4 - 5 times (about half the amount of engine cover). 

3.Use a dry towel to gently wipe in alternate lateral and vertical linearly, then use another dry towel to wipe with polishing brightness to complete; Second day, it will show the brightness and water well.

Precautions before the practice

1.Before using the need to gently shake before use;

2.Please do not apply paint. After placing no matter, should immediately with a dry towel rub;

3.Please operate under fully cooled body;


 Do not drink;

Please put the place where children can not get away from children

Drinking and strayed into the eyes, please immediately seek medical treatment diagnosis

Please do not use the car other uses.

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