Best Spray On Ceramic Coating

KISHO’s Ceramic Spray Coating | Best Spray On Ceramic Coating
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KISHO’s Ceramic Spray Coating | Best Spray On Ceramic Coating

The product we’re going to review now is a unique product. Many people would love the product just because it brings the coating-application to a simple step, open and spray. 

The product comes at a cheap price. But that doesn’t mean it has a lack of features. The coating combines Nano-technology with the car paint protection job and the result.

Once you apply this, it’ll protect the paint for 3 months. That’s not much when compared to high-end products, but hey, don’t forget the cheap price and convenient application.

Speaking of application, the process is easy. Divide your car into imaginary panels and just spray on one panel at a time.buff the surface with a microfiber cloth. The final curing might take up to a few hours.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a slick, hydrophobic, chemical repellent surface. The coating will add deep gloss and shine to the paint.


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