Maintenance After Ceramic Coating

After using the ceramic coating of the car paint, if the plating curing agent can be used for maintenance regularly, the effect will last longer.
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Many people will be wondering, do you apply ceramic coating to your car paint in an auto beauty shop, then wait for the film to gradually weaken before going to the auto beauty shop to use ceramic coating?

Avoid water within 24 hours after use, and avoid car washing within a week. Top24 multifunctional coating agent can be applied after using ceramic coating, or ceramic coating can be cured once every 3 months. With this layer of maintenance, the ceramic coating will last longer. 

The top24 and top24 plus are our crystal-plated curing products. We recommend to use the curing products because the curing agent products have two functions. First, it can increase the water splashing effect of the paint surface. Second, it can effectively reduce the water marks caused by rain.

Usually we recommend that after using the coating product, apply top24 products at 2 hours intervals. After that, maintenance is done every 3-6 months.

Si-811Ceramic coating and Top24 multifunctional coating agent case

——Thanks for feedback from KISHO Poland customers

波兰客户811top24 4

波兰客户811top24 5

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Netherlands customer feedback: Si-811

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