Glass Coating Professional Sponge Size 3 * 9 * 3 (7 * 4.5 * 3)

Product name: special sponge Detail Glass Coating Applicator Special sponge for glass coat Special applicator for car coating Glass Coating Applicator Pad Surface coating applicator Car Body Coating Sponge Car Coating Applicator Sponge Features: This product is a special liquid coating sponge,...
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Product Details

Product name: special sponge

 Glass Coating Applicator
 Special sponge for glass coat
 Special applicator for car coating
 Glass Coating Applicator Pad
 Surface coating applicator
 Car Body Coating Sponge
 Car Coating Applicator Sponge

This product is a special liquid coating sponge, but also a special KISHO brand sponge! Its most prominent feature is the smooth surface, soft, do not hurt paint! Before use, please use clean tap water for coating operation!

Smooth, soft, do not hurt the paintManufacturers recommend

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