Ceramic Coating For Cars Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating For Cars Paint Protection

1.High brightness 2.Memory molecule 3.High hardness 4.Hydrophobicity
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Product Details

Product performance

1.high brightness

Transparent clear crystal layer, the ultimate mirror effect, 2-3 times thicker than ordinary coating, no reduction in bright luster.


Silicone plating materials rich in freckle cream, titanium dioxide is the main component of sunscreen, the two very stable nature, the formation of up to three years in the car paint surface protection layer.

3.Memory molecule

The high toughness elastic crystal layer closely adheres to the paint surface to perfectly solve the cracking and shedding caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and the unique memory molecular structure has a certain repair effect on the fine scratches on the surface of the plated crystal.

4.High hardness

The perfectly crystallized inorganic plated layer has a high hardness of 7H at the same time as it has high toughness, and it can protect the dust impact on the road.


Make the rain flow into a sheet quickly, do not leave paint, do not leave behind spots of water stains, avoid corrosion of acid rain, kill the paint damage at the source

Construction method

Company Profile

KISHO brand aims

Automotive paint glass coating product development, production, sales

KISHO Brand Core Values

Focus on the customer and insist on creating the greatest value for the customer. [1] 

KISHO brand concept

Adhering to the "integration with the world's standards, cast the top lacquer coating" concept, "quality first, customer first, rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering spirit" for the development of products, and strive to build a world standard automotive paint surface ceramic coating products.

KISHO Glass Coating hopes to stick to its dreams and be creative and become a thinker and pioneer in the paint maintenance industry. A thoughtful, pursuing brand. A responsible brand for consumers is also a brand that is respected by consumers!

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