How Much Does Si-701 Glass Coating Service Cost?

How Much Does Si-701 Glass Coating Service Cost?

how much does si-701 glass coating service cost?
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Si-701 Body Coating Introduction

Si-701 Body Coating is an advanced coating system capable of protecting the vessel from harsh conditions. With the car being submerged in sun for long periods, the car body can be damaged from UV Rays that cause discoloration. This coating helps significantly to protect your investment from the elements above the waterline. The KISHO Glass Coating consists of the powerful anti-fouling component known to significantly slow the growth of micro-organisms on painted surfaces.  KISHO Glass Coating supersedes ceramic, nano and enamel products – allowing the coating system to cure as it is being applied.  Once applied, the watercraft will be left with an irresistible shine. The superhydrophobic effect will make the surface easy to maintain for a longer period of time.