Nano Coating Professional Formula

Nano coating formulations mainly include:Polysiloxane, polysilazane, inorganic silicon.
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Nano coating is applied once, and the paint is protected for three years.

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Nano coating professional formula

The material used in Nano coating is SiO2, also known as silicon dioxide. It is also called quartz. The main component of Nano coating of our company is polysiloxane, which is a kind of polymer of silicon dioxide. It acts on the surface of the car paint to form an isolation layer, which has a certain hardness, has the functions of resisting ultraviolet rays, oil, acid and alkali, hydrophobic and oleophobic, thereby protecting the paint surface.


Currently, there are two main categories of Nano coating professional formula on the market: polysiloxane and polysilazane.

Our company's nano coating product with polysiloxane as the main component has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, and non-corrosion to metals. Natural hardening crystal, super environmental protection performance, simple construction and low cost. The storage method must be in glass bottles, aluminum bottles or iron drums.

Hydrophobic effect video

Brightness effect video

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