Si-701 Glass Coating Value Kit Anti-fouling Anti-acid and Alkali Glass Coating

Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-701 Manual Designation of product: kisho glass coating value kit Si-701 Content: 1. 8 Si-701 glass coating agents (30ml); 2. 8 Glass coating sponges; 3. 1 Manual. Package included 30ml Car Coating Ceramic and a Sponge. Kindly Note: lease do not touch or wet...
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Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-701 Manual

product information

 1. 8 Si-701 glass coating agents (30ml);
 2. 8 Glass coating sponges;
 3. 1 Manual.

Product features
The main advantage of the plating crystal is that due to curing into a rigid module, the relative anti-external force is relatively strong, which has a greater advantage in the anti-scratch protection of the paint finish; while in the aspects of brightness, smoothness, anti-oxidation and aging of the paint finish, Easy, inorganic coating more advantages, because the inorganic coating, the film does not split, does not fall off, has a strong wear resistance, long-term to provide the protection of the paint, so that the paint is not oxidized

 √ Anti sratch 9h hardness, with the hardness of super hydrofobowa glass coating. Its unique technology helps achieve a thick coating, the sacrifical coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier.
 √ It could protect your car body against acid rain,salt fog corrosion, rust, oil stains, sap, bird dropping permeation, bugs,some scratches, bird droppings, corrosive traffic film, tar and harmful UV rays and more
 √ Rich gloss with self cleaning properties, making future washing of your vehicle, faster and easier. Protect your car from scratching, make the car more shining like the new.
 √ Very easy to use






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