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Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-811 Manual Designation of product: kisho glass coating value kit Si-811 Content: 1. 8 Si-811 glass coating agents (30ml); 2. 8 Glass coating sponges; 3. 1 Manual. Product features: SiO2 is one of the smoothest substances in human hands. This ultra-smooth material...
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Product Details

Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-811 Manual

Kit Content

Si-811 glass coating agents8 bottles (30ml)
Glass coating sponges8pcs

Product features 

SiO2 is one of the smoothest substances in human hands. This ultra-smooth material will keep your car free of dust, magically keep it clean and even water can not touch the paint film Use water to easily wash off any dirt attached to the car paint.

1.Elegant gloss 

Kisho Glass Coating is a glass coating that forms a completely inorganic polymeric silicon coating. 

Conventional organic solvent-based coatings do not prevent deterioration due to oxidation. Because kisho body glass coating does not contain organic solvents, long-term durability can be achieved.

2.Strong bodyguard 

Compared with the traditional glass coating, the silica content of up to 95 ~ 98%. 

Moreover, since it is a fully cured glass coating, there is also a great difference in gloss and film thickness. Solid glass coating firmly protects body paint.

3.Antifouling properties 

Super hydrophobic glass coating, 9H hardness is strong hydrophobic effect, anti-graffiti, dustproof, anti-mud, anti-scratch, chemical resistance, uv resistance, heat resistance, color recovery and water self-cleaning 

Greatly protect your car from aging, fading, weather and sunlight erosion, acid rain, industry powder etc 

During car wash, the glass coating is firmly formed on the body, so you can easily remove the dirt.

Si-811 glass coating agent, is featured with advantageous performances of enhancing finish glossiness, water repellency and anti-fouling, forming a genuine protective film to car paint. 

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