Prepare Your Car For Winter

Prepare Your Car For Winter

After two consecutive days of rain and cold air, the temperature will drop below zero, and winter is really here! However, in the next two days, the forecast will continue to drop to below zero. In addition to adding more clothes to keep warm, our car will also have problems in cold and low...
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After two consecutive days of rain and cold air, the temperature will drop below zero, and winter is really here! However, in the next two days, the forecast will continue to drop to below zero. In addition to adding more clothes to keep warm, our car will also have problems in cold and low temperature conditions, so we need to make preparations for winter in advance!

1. Change the oil in advance

   As the temperature drops below zero, the most likely problem for vehicles is oil freezing. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, you must use antifreeze, glass water or even motor oil suitable for the local temperature.

Antifreeze is easy to ignore, and some car owners may not have changed it after driving for more than ten years. But in fact, antifreeze is related to the functions of cooling, anti-boiling, and anti-corrosion. Once something goes wrong, it will easily lead to "boiling" and the vehicle cannot be used. Especially in order to save money in summer, it is easy to freeze the antifreeze due to the high freezing point in winter. So be sure to check whether the antifreeze needs to be replaced, especially in the extreme cold areas of the north, or friends who want to drive to the extreme cold areas of the north.

In addition to antifreeze, the fluidity of engine oil will also change at low temperatures. Many riders who drive from the south to the northeast in winter will cause the engine oil to be "frozen" if this problem is ignored. Therefore, if the car owner now uses 5W or even 10W engine oil, when the temperature is lowered in winter, especially in extremely cold areas, they should replace 0W engine oil with better low-temperature fluidity.

Summer type glass water; winter glass water; antifreeze type glass water; glass water freezes

In addition, the most common thing is to remember to replace the glass water. In summer, cheap glass water is often seen in shopping malls or gas stations, but many of them are only usable in summer when the freezing point is 0℃. Once the temperature drops in winter, it is likely to freeze or even crack the pipeline, so it is necessary to replace the antifreeze four-season glass water with a lower freezing point.

2, tire inspection is essential

  As the “shoes” of automobiles, tires are directly related to driving experience and driving safety. The temperature drop in winter will also have a certain impact on tires, so tire inspection is essential.

First of all, regardless of the season, regularly check whether the tires are aging, bulging or damaged. If cracks or bulging occur, it is recommended to replace new tires in time to avoid unnecessary hazards due to tires during driving.

In addition, due to the decrease in temperature, the tire pressure will also be affected. Usually, when the temperature drops by 5°C, the tire pressure will correspondingly decrease by about 0.05bar. If the tire pressure is too low, it will cause slower vehicle speed, increased fuel consumption, poor support and even a puncture. Therefore, as the temperature drops, the tire pressure must be checked regularly and adjusted in time.

In some northern cold areas, especially snowy areas, winter tires must be replaced in time. Generally, the grip performance of summer tires will be greatly affected below 7°C, while winter tires can still maintain rubber softness at around -20°C. Coupled with more fine tread patterns, the tires can be exposed to low temperatures and ice and snow. Has a high grip to ensure driving safety. Don't be afraid of spending money or trouble, after all, driving safety is the most important thing.

3. Replace the battery in time

   When many car owners use their cars in winter, they often find that the battery fails to catch fire. In fact, it is also due to negligence in inspections, and finally delays at critical moments.

As one of the important parts of starting the vehicle, the battery must be guaranteed to work normally even after the temperature drops in winter. Generally, the service life of a maintenance-free battery is about 5 years, and there will be problems such as insufficient voltage or inability to charge and start the engine, and need to be replaced. In addition, if it is often left unused or used for short distances for a few kilometers at a time, it will also affect the life of the battery, and it is necessary to run long distances regularly or perform charging and maintenance.

The battery life indicator can be used to understand the battery's service life. Usually, if it is green, it proves that the battery is very healthy, and if it is black, it proves that the service life has expired and needs to be replaced.

4. Driving habits need to be changed

   Finally, we have done a vehicle inspection. If we encounter icy and slippery roads, we still need to pay attention to our driving habits to avoid unnecessary traffic accidents and affect driving safety.

In winter, the snowfall increases. Because the ground on the ice and snow road is slippery and the tire adhesion is reduced, it is easy to cause the tire to slip and become dangerous. Therefore, when driving on icy and snowy roads in winter, first step on the accelerator and brake slowly, and be sure not to speed. In addition, since the braking distance will become longer, it is necessary to maintain a longer distance between vehicles to avoid rear-end collisions due to slippery roads.

If you are driving on a snowy road, you should use a lower speed to ensure that you can stop at any time. At the same time, don't hit the direction at a large angle, otherwise a side slip accident may also occur. You can use the vehicle's snow mode at the start, and the manual model can use 2 gears to prevent wheels from slipping due to excessive momentary torque.

Friendly reminder: As the temperature drops in winter, people are almost freezing and catching a cold. Thick clothes need to be added. Our car needs to be inspected in advance to take good care of oil, tires, batteries, etc. To ensure that your car can survive the winter better, while also ensuring our driving safety.

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