Special Coating Certification 100% Inorganic Silicon 9H Glass Coating Value Kit

Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-811 Manual Designation of product: kisho glass coating value kit Si-811 Content: 1. 8 Si-811 glass coating agents (30ml); 2. 8 Glass coating sponges; 3. 1 Manual. Product features: Glass fiber is a kind of chemical polymer material, because of its high density of...
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Product features

Glass fiber is a kind of chemical polymer material, because of its high density of chemical properties, it is used in the field of automotive beauty. The main component of such products is polysiloxane, the film will form Sio2 commonly known as the glass, so called glassy coating. Glass fiber coating, with high gloss, anti-oxidation, acid, UV-resistant features used to paint the coating, the paint gloss is good, and the paint and isolated from the outside world, played a more Good protection.


This product will be easily hardened when it is exposed to the air and away from the fire source. Do not drink away from children. After opening, it needs to be used up in one go. It is not recommended to stop and continue using for the second time.

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