Mercedes Silver Car Body Coating

Mercedes Silver Car Body Coating

With high-end glass coatings and high-end cars, a perfect collision construction will begin immediately.
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High-end quality Si-901 body coating, accepted the Japan Coatings Association to promote weather resistance test.


The evaluation we received!

The product packaging is exquisite and very good. After washing the car, I gave the car a body coating SPA. The effect is still very good. After finishing it, it is really smooth. The effect is obvious at a glance. The brightness is improved.The maintenance of the car paint is very good, and a good product that does not damage the car paint is worth buying.

The body coating agent is enough for a car to use, it is very simple and convenient to use, the effect of waterproof and antifouling is also very good, value for money, and very cost-effective.

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Mercedes Silver Car Body Coating

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