Motorcycle Nano Coating

Motorcycle Nano Coating

KISHO products have a unique craftsmanship, which highlights the super-strong film sense, brightness and hydrophobic effect, so that the paint surface of the motorcycle retains the original color while enhancing the noble temperament of the motorcycle. The low dosage reflects the superiority and practicality of KISHO products.
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Product Name:KISHO Glass Coating Si-901 used on motorcycles

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KISHO Si-901 product has a fast crystallization and hardening time, and the transparent brightness of the paint surface can be seen after use.

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Si-901 glass coating agent is top-level kisho glass coating product, featured with various glass coating advantages for top performance. 

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The lacquer is a bit gray and want to wipe it off with the sleeve? Have to turn around after locking the car? If you meet the above conditions, then you must have bought your favorite car. So many friends will choose to make beauty for their cars, which is one of the reasons why car detail shops are very popular in recent years. Of course, this also includes the motorcycle industry.

Kawasaki motorcycle nano coating case

——Customer feedback from Ecuador

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A high-end car is undoubtedly a precious piece of art. Whether it looks or feels like driving, it will satisfy you. What is the value of art? It lies in keeping the original state from beginning to end.

KISHO nano coating has the function of "time is still", it can make your car be like a new car in 5 years. It is this characteristic that deserves your support.

Let KISHO retain the original color of your motorcycle, and let KISHO improve the superiority of your motorcycle.

KISHO nano coating is the same, not every car detail shop has nano coating, not every kind of "nano coating" is called KISHO.

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