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All the raw materials of the products are shipped from Japanese factories, they are the most advanced and popular car beauty products.
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The new generation of glass coating product is different from the existing wax, sealing glaze and other products. It is a transparent crystal protective film that can be used on floors, ships, and various automobile paint surfaces to increase the gloss of the surface and the hardness is about 6H , Which contains brightening ingredients to make the paint color more full and shiny; the visible hydrophobic effect makes car washing easier.


Our glass coating has super resistance to strong acids and alkalis; its physical and chemical properties are quite stable; it can effectively protect the paint surface for a long time. It has super weather resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet; it has strong penetration ability. It can easily remove the dirt, water flow, acid rain, grease and other harmful substances on the surface of the film.



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