The Top Ceramic Glass Coating Si-901

Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-901 Manual Designation of product: kisho glass coating value kit Si-901 Content: 1. 8 Si-901 glass coating agents (30ml); 2. 8 Glass coating sponges; 3. 1 Manual. Product features: Si-901 glass coating agent is top-level kisho glass coating product, featured with...
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Product Details

KISHO Si-901 top ceramics glass coating

  1.  10H 100% inorganic silicon  drum glass coating liquid

  2. Super smooth, top grade ceramic coating agent

  3. 5 years persistence ceramic coating crystal liquid

  4. Crystals appear pale yellow, which contains brightening and brightening ingredients

  5. car paint、wheels、 headlights、decorative、strips engine available

  6. Consists of 4-5 different grades of polysiloxane with excellent performance and unique construction method





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