Advantages Of Electron Synchrotron

- Jan 31, 2020-

Advantages of electron synchrotron

① Has a smooth continuous spectrum in a wide range from infrared to hard X-rays. If a monochromator is used, monochromatic light of a certain wavelength can be obtained.

② The radiation intensity is high. The total radiation power of a storage ring is usually more than several kilowatts.

③ Good natural collimation, and its divergence is generally less than 1 milliradian.

④ High radiant brightness, generally 10 times higher than the X-ray target radiation mark, and 10 times higher than the continuous chirp radiation.

⑤ Has a natural polarization. On the orbital plane is completely polarized light, and its electric vector is parallel to the orbital plane.

⑥ High cleanliness. Because synchrotron radiation is free electron emission, no other particle background is produced.

⑦ Can be pulsed with a pulse width of 0.01 to 1 nanosecond or less.

⑧The luminous flux, energy distribution, and degree of polarization can be accurately calculated and are in good agreement with experimental values, so it can be used as a standard light source.