Advantages Of Membrane Separation Technology

- Sep 16, 2019-

Advantages of membrane separation technology

(1) Carrying out at room temperature

Very little loss of active ingredients, especially suitable for heat-sensitive substances, such as antibiotics, medicines, juices, enzymes, protein separation and concentration

(2) No phase change

Keep the original flavor

(3) No chemical changes

Typical physical separation process, without chemicals and additives, products are not contaminated

(4) Good selectivity

Separation of substances in the molecular range, with excellent performance that cannot be replaced by universal filter materials

(5) Strong adaptability

The processing scale can be large or small, and can be carried out continuously or in a gap. The process is simple, the operation is convenient, and the automation is easy.

(6) low energy consumption

Only electric energy drive, low energy consumption, the cost is about 1/3-1/8 of evaporation concentration or freeze concentration