Advantages Of Nuclear Power Plants

- Jul 14, 2019-

Advantages of nuclear power plants

Compared with traditional thermal power stations, nuclear power plants have obvious advantages:

(1) Nuclear power generation does not emit huge amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere like fossil fuel power generation, so nuclear power generation does not cause air pollution;

(2) Nuclear power generation without carbon emissions will not increase the global warming effect;

(3) Uranium fuel used in nuclear power generation has no other use except for power generation;

(4) The energy density of nuclear fuel is several million times higher than that of fossil fuel. Therefore, the fuel used in nuclear power plants is small in size and convenient for transportation and storage. A 10 million kilowatt nuclear power plant requires only 30 tons of uranium a year. Fuel, a voyage of the aircraft can be completed;

(5) Among the costs of nuclear power generation, the proportion of fuel costs is low, and the cost of nuclear power generation is not easily affected by the international economic situation, and the cost of solid power generation is relatively stable.