Advantages Of Pneumatic Transmission

- Sep 21, 2019-

Advantages of pneumatic transmission

(1) The air source is convenient, and it is directly discharged after use, without pollution.

(2) The air viscosity is small, and the frictional force of the gas during transmission is small, so that the air supply and the long-distance transportation can be concentrated.

(3) The pneumatic system has good adaptability to the working environment. Especially when working in harsh working environments such as flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation, vibration, etc., safety and reliability are superior to hydraulic, electronic and electrical systems.

(4) The pneumatic action is rapid, the reaction is fast, and the adjustment is convenient. The pneumatic signal can be used for automatic control.

(5) Pneumatic components are simple in structure, low in cost and long in life, and are easy to standardize, serialize and generalize.