Advantages Of Rust Inhibitors

- Jul 06, 2019-

Advantages of rust inhibitors

● Loose rust: It can relieve threaded connectors such as nuts and bolts that are not easily screwed due to corrosion, making it easy to disassemble. Use before installation, the effect is better.

● Infiltration: Contains special additives that can penetrate into the interior of rust, corrosives, oil and mud, so that it can be easily removed.

● Anti-rust: Leave an anti-rust oil film on the surface of metal or other materials for rust prevention for 24 months.

● Lubrication: It can penetrate into the gap where the parts need lubrication and the general oil can not penetrate, which can play a lubricating role and prevent the machine from squeaking.

● Dehumidification: Protect marine equipment and open-air equipment from corrosion, drive out moisture from the motor, form a protective film, and isolate moisture and moisture.

● Cleaning: The product has good lubricity and can remove dirt, dust and other dirt attached to the metal surface. It is suitable for cleaning and maintenance of pneumatic tools, high-grade engines and parts, and can prolong its service life.

● Does not affect the material of rubber, paint and plastic fabrics.

● This product has versatility and can be used as a rust remover, penetrating oil, rust preventive, cleaning agent, etc., and has a long service life.