Advantages Of Small Displacement Cars

- May 07, 2019-

Advantages of small displacement cars

Small displacement vehicles have the following advantages:

1. Energy-saving small-displacement vehicle fuel consumption is basically below 6 liters per 100 kilometers. Compared with household economic cars with a general displacement of 1.4 or less, it can save 3-4 liters of oil per 100 kilometers, and the social benefits are very obvious.

2. Environmental protection China's urban environmental air quality test shows that 70% of urban ambient air quality is not up to standard. With the sharp increase in urban vehicle ownership, motor vehicle exhaust emissions have become the main source of air pollution in many cities.

3, the economic small displacement car can be said to be the best city car, the price is cheap, generally less than 80,000 yuan, within the scope of the family economy. At the same time, the material cost of manufacturing can be reduced.

Generally speaking, the standard for measuring the advanced or small displacement vehicles should have four indicators: the power (ie the maximum power of the engine measured by 1 liter displacement), the minimum fuel consumption under urban conditions, exhaust emissions, and collisions. safety.