Air Flow Sensor Introduction

- Nov 30, 2018-

Air flow sensor introduction

In order to obtain the optimum concentration of the mixture under various operating conditions, the electronically controlled gasoline injection engine must correctly measure the amount of air sucked into the engine at each moment, which serves as the main basis for the ECU to calculate (control) the amount of fuel injected. . If the air flow sensor or line fails, the ECU cannot obtain the correct intake air amount signal, and the fuel injection quantity control cannot be performed normally, which will cause the mixture to be too rich or too lean, and the engine may not operate normally. The air flow sensor of the electronically controlled gasoline injection system has various types. The common air flow sensor can be divided into a blade type (wing type), a core type, a hot line type, a hot film type, a Karman type, etc. according to its structure type. Kind.