Application Of Detailing Clay

- Jun 19, 2018-

Application of detailing clay

Car wash mud is often called magic clay, detailing clay and clay bar. It is a kind of scrubbing car body mud, it has the function of decontamination, but does not damage the car body surface paint, many substances in the natural world can cause great damage to the car paint, such as natural oxidation, scale, car wash , bird (bug) excrement, iron powder, acid rain, sap, and improper care, etc., can destroy its decorative effect and reduce the protective performance, and severe will cause paint cracking, difficult to repair. Iron powder is one of the most damaging substances in varnish. It exists in large amounts in the air. It is generated through the friction of brake pads, rail friction, and factory construction, and mixed into the air. These iron powders drifted in the paint on the car surface. At first they just covered the surface. As the water evaporates, they stick firmly to the car body. After the sun shines or the engine's heat rises, the temperature of the iron powder rises through the transparent layer. Blended with the paint. As the molecular structure of iron is unstable, it is easily oxidized. It will oxidize with the paint surface (simultaneous chemical reaction), accelerate the oxidation process of the paint surface, detailing clay can remove the body residue caused by the natural environment.