As A Manufacturer Of Glass Coating,kisho Is The Most Professional

- Feb 07, 2018-

KSIHO glass coating is fully hardening type coating that forms a transparent film,which is high smooth gloss and good hardness,filling up the invisible tiny pores on the car body painted surface. It can make the color on the painted car surface more bright.

In addition to its high water-repellent properties, the product also has excellent qualities of durability and antifouling,high gloss shiny,anti-scratching protection performance for car paint surface.

This high quality real glass coating give a deep gloss to the vehicle surfaces. It is an amazing product which makes a crystal shine on painted surfaces.

This glass coat has been reduced to the nanoscale components using cutting edge technology. Silicon nanoparticles can penetrate down to the micro level by irregularities. Penetrate the coating, it is able to feel a deep gloss and shine from the inside improving the original color.

It makes more attractive the original painting colors and brightness from the inside of painting, creates the deep gloss naturally by the coating material get into the micro size gaps pinhole of the painting film.

After coating this glass coating,you will enjoy the valuable feeling of this glass coating when wash car each time.