Baowo Car Brand Advantage

- May 10, 2019-

Baowo car brand advantage

1.Talent advantage

Baowo Automobile has more than 2,300 engineers from 16 countries and 16 automobile brands in the world. Among them, engineers and technicians account for up to 40% of the entire Baowo employees.

2. Research and development advantages

By bringing together global talents, Baowo Auto has established R&D centers in Stuttgart, Beijing and Silicon Valley, respectively, and created a dedicated “Baowo Three Musketeers” engineer and operations team. Among them, the Chinese Academy of Engineering is the core of the "Baowo Three Musketeers", as a complete product creation center, the development of the chassis, body, engine and power performance, vehicle structure, collision safety and regulatory certification, and for the three places Overall planning and management.

3. Factory advantage

Baowo Intelligent Factory adopts eight models of flexible production line, which can realize multi-model co-production production with flexible production performance, and create and customize the production and development of personalized models, including stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, inspection and The six major processes of logistics are in one.

4. Supplier advantage

Baowo Auto is strengthening the construction of intelligent systems by integrating global resources. Now Baowo has established international technology partners including FEV, China, ZF, AAM, BorgWarner, SAP, BOSCH, Faurecia and Schuler. Cooperation.

5. New energy advantages

Baowo Auto put forward the innovative ET energy concept, that is, the “double-track parallel new energy vehicle development concept”. “Double-track parallel” means that Baowo Automobile not only has the “double-qualified” advantage of traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, but also synchronizes traditional fuel vehicles and new energy with the e-Propulsion platform that can be compatible with these two energy vehicles. R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of cars. In the future, Baowo will further upgrade the e-Propulsion platform to create an energy development platform compatible with pure electric and hybrid vehicles. While reviewing its product line and market demand, it will accelerate the layout of future development blueprints.

6. Intelligent driving advantage

Baowo Auto has created the “Baowo Safe Future iSA Strategy”, including “i plan” ET energy concept, “S plan” interconnection sharing and “A plan” automatic driving, which are intended to be more convenient, intelligent and safe. Travel mode.

At the same time, in order to promote the "A plan" in the "Baowo Safe Future iSA Strategy", Baowo Automobile also released 3 Via-class navigation on the same day. The navigation reduces the horizontal and vertical navigation accuracy from 10 meters to less than 1 meter, and is planned to be used in Baowo's new models in 2019, becoming an important technical cornerstone for Baowo's auto-driving process.