Basic Information On Rust Preventive Oil

- Jul 07, 2019-

Basic information on rust preventive oil

Anti-rust oil is an oil solvent with a reddish-brown appearance and anti-rust function. It consists of oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor, base oil and auxiliary additives. According to the performance and application, the rust-removing oil can be divided into fingerprint-removing anti-rust oil, water-diluted anti-rust oil, solvent-diluted anti-rust oil, anti-rust and lubricating oil, sealed anti-rust oil, and replacement anti-rust oil. Thin layer oil, anti-rust grease and gas phase anti-rust oil. Corrosion inhibitors commonly used in antirust oils are alkaline earth metal salts of fatty acids or naphthenic acids, lead naphthenate, zinc naphthenate, sodium petroleum sulfonate, barium petroleum sulfonate, calcium petroleum sulfonate, tallow tartrate Amine, rosin amine, and the like.