Bentley Brand Culture

- Apr 15, 2019-

Bentley brand culture

Bentley Motors Limited is a world-renowned ultra-luxury car manufacturer headquartered in Crewe, UK. In 1919, Mr. W.O. Bentley founded Bentley Motors.

"To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class." (To build a fast car, a good car, the most outstanding car in its class.) was the founder Walter Owen Bentley. Mr. Originally pursued the ultimate car-making concept. Nearly a century later, Mr. Bentley's philosophy continues to guide our beliefs, actions and ambitious goals. Bentley was the top luxury car in the UK, hand-built to create the world's best performance luxury travel sedan, Bentley was acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 1997.

In the early 20th century, in the early stages of car development, Walter Owen Bentley was inspired by the racetrack and came up with the idea of creating a car that focused on performance and lighter weight. This is in the era when people's understanding of the car is limited to transportation. His idea is avant-garde and alternative, and it is also destined to be the product of Bentley from the beginning of its birth. In 1912, the Bentley family raised funds to introduce French DFP sports cars and established Bentley & Bentley in London's 3 Hanover Square. W.O. improved the introduction of DFP and changed the engine to an aluminum piston to improve the performance of the car.

During the Great War, W.O. was employed by the Royal Naval Air Technical Committee to work on the improvement of the French Kleiger engine. The aluminum piston he designed was quickly adopted by aircraft engines. Not only was his improved aero engine known as BR1 and BR2, he also accumulated a lot of manufacturing experience and mastered enough engineering skills. So after the war he was smug, and began to design and build his own car with lightning.

At the beginning of 1919, the new car was designed. At this time, the company also raised funds and established the famous Bentley Motors Ltd.. At that time, the company’s nominal share capital was 200,000 pounds, and in fact the bank’s cash was only over 18,000 pounds. Therefore, the company was short of funds at the beginning, which laid a hidden danger for the future financial difficulties of Bentley.

From the establishment in 1912 to the 1924 Le Mans circuit, and then into the Rolls Royce in the early 1930s due to collapse, until the acquisition by the public in 1998, Bentley was honed, but each Bentley It has a legendary experience. In 1921, Bentley produced a 3-liter model with a power of 85 hp and a speed of 128 km. This was the fastest production car at the time. This model is considered to be a very innovative product at the time, and created the concept of a performance car. The 3 liter car broke almost all of the endurance and speed records at the time. Later, its derivative model also historically captured Bentley's historic 24 hours in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. Endurance champion, Bentley has since become famous. In 1998, Bentley was acquired by Volkswagen. At one time, some people worried that Bentley's image would be changed. However, the elegant RedLabel that was later introduced completely eliminated people's concerns. The Germans did not change Bentley. Bentley's British bloodline is still pure.