Axle housing Introduction

- Jun 19, 2019-

Axle housing introduction

The axle housing is a main reducer, differential, half shaft and wheel assembly base. Its main function is to support and protect the final drive, differential and half shaft. Generally speaking, the ordinary non-disconnected drive axle housing is a rigid hollow beam supported on the left and right driving wheels, and the transmission parts such as the final reducer, the differential and the half shaft are installed therein, and the axle housing is installed. The longitudinal leaf springs are connected to the frame or the carriage. It is an important part of the transaxle and one of the main components of the driving system. The drive axle housing should have sufficient strength and rigidity, low mass, and easy to disassemble and adjust the final drive. The drive axle housing can be divided into three types: an integral axle housing, a separable axle housing and a combined axle housing.